Arrival Of Death DEMO

by Brood In Black

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scabmuncher Raw and Raunchy the way I like my black metal. Total Underground Support. 666 Favorite track: Lord Satanas.
Tom (Azag Galla)
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Tom (Azag Galla) This is no nonsense, straight up raw as all Hell Black Metal.... the way it should be. Fast, heavy and chilling! Hope to see more from this band in the future! Favorite track: Angels Of Devastation.
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    "Raw, totally primitive, black-fucking-metal. Like listening to early 90s demos style raw; no flashy shit, just archetypal blood-dripping evil for the sake of it."
    “Arrival of Death” might not be an EP that sets a new standard for contemporary artists to replicate, but its stripped down and austere features sure will satisfy black metal connoisseurs’ hunger for hostile and iniquitous music. The fact that Brood in Black‘s sound is so simple and straightforward only works to the band’s benefit. This EP is an excellent release and it deserves to be praised as a very good underground BM output. Brood in Black is one of those twenty-first-century groups that teaches us how staying true to the essence of the BM genre, and utilizing the standard bells of the genre, is enough to assemble a killer record. ... more
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Recorded during December 2016/January 2017 at Castle Of Corinth Studio in Hell, Ky.
Raw, straightforward, unapologetic Black Metal...

To order thru snail mail, send $10 to:
Blasfemas Records
492 Leavell Ridge Rd.
Lancaster Ky 40444
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released February 28, 2017

Count Corinth-Guitar desecrations, drum conjurations, sarcophagal screams, rituals..


all rights reserved



Brood In Black Kentucky

Raw Black Metal from the Hollows of Kentucky. War against religion and mankind, the 2 biggest plagues upon this planet Earth. We shall fight this war at all costs. To kill and burn all traces of Christianity from this world, to praise and worship Satan, our Master Of Hell.
Ave Satanas……….

Count Cor'inth-guitar desecration, blackened screams, war drums, plague assembler
Past members
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Track Name: Arrival Of Death
I've felt a change in the wind..
I've felt a change in the air..
I've seen the change in the moon..
And I can see it everywhere..

I can feel the arrival of death..
And for you there will be nothing left..
Absolute end for eternity
Emptiness of death's reality
The body, your soul will abandon
Darkness forever your companion

I've felt a change in the sun..
I've seen the change in the tides..
Just so you know, it has begun..
All living things will suffer their demise...

Feel the cold winds blow..
and know that death lurks in the shadows..
See the darkening of the sky..
For it may be you whose about to die..
Track Name: Damnation
I have been rejected all around..
I belong rotting in the ground..
I atone for my sins..
Not for a god, but within myself..
Damnation..Damnation..In Eternal Exile..Damnation

Feared like a leper
Avoided like a plague
From a noose in a tree, is where I should hang
Suffer alive, or suicide
Live in misery or die

Hell on earth is where I burn
Every waking hour, a burning hell
Charred alive, left here to die..
I was only born to burn and die..

Damnation within myself
Exiled from life and death
Rejected heaven
Embraced in hell
Damnation in Hell...
Track Name: Lord Satanas
Calling on the wicked legions of Hell..
The mighty faithful who fell..
Now is the time to gather, gather the hordes..
Prepare for unholy war..
I am you savior..
Satanas, lord and savior

Storm the heavens gates with the threats of the seven seals
Seven angels we shall kill
Take the kingdom down, take god's kingdom down..
Take his jewels for my crown..

Storm the gates, burn the angels alive..
Kill the enemies, nothing survives
Burn the heavens, set them ablaze
Lay god and his angels to waste..
Track Name: Alive And Buried
How did I get here, in this place of darkness?
This small confined space smells of a coffin..

Alive and Buried, no way out..
In this nightmare, screaming aloud
Alive and Buried, I don't want to die..
Alive and Buried, no one hears my cries..

I can't remember what brought me here
I only know I'm breathing, paralyzed by my worst fear..
Track Name: Void Of Fire
Falling down the void of fire
Smell the stench of burning flesh
The flames of hell are growing higher
As you burn into your death
Void of Fire

Through this portal that leads to hell
Through this void that will not cease
Until you burn smolder blister
Char melt dieeeeeee.........

Can you hear the cries from the hollow
This burning vortex of lost souls
A blackened fire of endless limbo
and the ashes of charred ghosts....
Track Name: Angels Of Devastation
And God casted his angels below
for disobedience they paid the price
A master's betrayal spawned the demons
That waged a war against His name..
There will be no mercy, only pain
A war against God to end his reign
Coming back from where they fell
Coming back to heaven to bring total hell
Angels Of Devastation

Fallen angels revenge for your scorn
Unholy war against the savior
Burn the kingdom from which you were torn

Storm the holy golden gates
Leave no souls left alive
Rip the wings from the angels of god
And leave them to dieeeee....

Angels of Devastation spread your wings
Spread your plagues upon the heavens
Destruction, torment for the holy ones
Let them know the wrath of Hell...

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